Sunset Engagement session in Salthill

Julian and Vicky were on a round the world tour, and planning a visit to Ireland. They are from the States and they had an idea that they would have their engagement session in Ireland, as they wanted to incorporate Vicky's Irish heritage into the images whilst visiting Galway City. They got in contact with me and told me about their plan and we had a quick video call and knew we were the right fit!

The week of the shoot the weather had been bad, and I was really hoping it would hold out for our session , which we had planned for sundown. When we met up, Julian and Vicky told me that they had met at karate classes when they were 15 so they wanted me to incorporate that into the images too! So we set off on a stroll through the city. Some of the Christmas street decoration were up so that added a little extra to the images too.

We were heading to Salthill beach when it began to absolutely pour... We decided we'd just have to shoot in the rain but thankfully it cleared, and as I was shooting I realised that a double rainbow had formed behind where they were standing on the beach-if that isn't a sign, I don't know what is!

Julian wanted to get some pictures on the diving tower so we went over, doing a mad dash across to make sure we didn't get soaked by the crashing waves. We got some great pictures and then were were joined by a group of divers which again added something different to the session!

Finally we came back to the beach and got some gorgeous pictures of the pink sunset.

Vicky and Julian plan to use one of the images for their Save the date, I can't wait to one them when they do!